INSCA is the only international association for the natural sausage casing industry. Members include producers, suppliers and brokers of natural casing products. Additional membership categories are available to manufacturers of equipment used in the processing of natural casings, general animal by-products or any casings related fields as well as for national associations representing sausage casing companies.

INSCA offers a diversity of member nationalities, backgrounds, casings businesses and geographic locations. This diversity is the backbone of the synergy and emergence of ideas, innovations and progress in the casings industry. INSCA was established in 1965. The founding members were predominantly American companies. As the association evolved, new members from other countries helped change the global representation of INSCA. Today INSCA's membership includes a balance of European, North and South American, Asian, Middle Eastern, New Zealand, and Australian companies -- there is an INSCA member on every inhabited continent of the globe, including a total of more than 200 companies!

INSCA is governed by an eleven member Board of Directors elected by the membership of the association. The administrative functions of the association are handled by management professionals who maintain the organization's headquarters office in Alexandria, Egypt.

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50th Annual Convention, Dubrovnik, Croatia / May 27 – 30, 2015
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2015 Semi-Annual Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina / October 15-19, 2015

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