ICTR Accomplishments


has agreed to allow beef casing from South America from countries that have Reciprocal Agreements with; Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. Even though Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay have FMD, the product will be allowed to be exported to Canada if exporters follow the salting process which is recommended by the FMD study which has demonstrated that there is no chance of spreading the virus. Note: The slaughterhouses from which they receive the product must be approved by CFIA


ICTR assisted in getting an updated certificate for hog casing from Holland to Australia

South Africa

ICTR worked with the South African government authorities on acceptable certification for the importation of casings from Brazil. ICTR continues to clarify which countries have been accepted by South Africa to utilize natural salt rather than the P salt, while still retaining South African access.


Russia has imposed widespread trade restrictions, on a lot of food items including casings. ICTR has directly communicated with the Irish government on this issue and confirmed that it has completed a review of the Russian Federation communications on prohibition of trade. The outcome of the review concluded that additional information in the Presidential Decree removed the prohibition on treated casings into the Russian Federation and Customs Union. An Irish Trader Notice (Regulatory Advice) was issued to all Irish meat plants and to all veterinary staff on the issue.

New Zealand

The New Zealand government asked INSCA to provide comment and input into its revised Import Standards for casings.


The IMS has officially recognized INSCA as an important meat industry representative body by formally requesting its position and input on the Climate Change issue.

The ICTR represents INSCA at the General Assembly meeting of the OIE every May by invitation from the IMS, highlighting INSCA prominence to global Competent Authority representatives and conducting constructive bi-lateral discussions.

  • ICTR has published a two page article on Natural Casings, in the October 2015 edition of Fleischwirtschaft International.
  • ICTR accepted an IMS invitation to attend a meeting on Meat Sustainability, in Paris in May 2016
  • ICTR has attended the IMS World meat Congress in Uruguay in November, 2016.
  • ICTR has worked with a number of individual natural casings associations, eg, Australia, UK, Brazil, Romania, to assist their communication on relevant issues with key government agencies and officials.
  • INSCA has been invited to make a presentation to the 2018 World Meat Congress.

INSCA (Chairman and Scientific Advisor) as well as representatives of the South African casings industry met with South African government regulatory officials to discuss and promote the acceptance by South Africa of natural salt as an effective treatment for casings from China, instead of the present requirement for use of P treated salt. Meeting was productive, but further outcome will depend on completion of pending scientific research.