Membership Benefits


Members of the casings industry are encouraged to become members of INSCA in order to reap the following benefits and help improve their businesses:

Annual Convention

INSCA members are entitled to attend the annual meeting of the association held in different countries around the world. Members benefit from networking and building contacts to increase their business activities and opportunities and plan business deals. Members take advantage of this once in a lifetime forum of casings industry members from all over the world gathered under one roof to do business and have some fun.

Government and Information report

Members receive a comprehensive monthly report of industry news, economic activities, updated legislature and current issues involving concerns in the industry from every region. Information that is sure to affect every member’s business.

Natural Link Newsletter

INSCA's newsletter is filled with information about industry events, member, committee, and association news. Members will automatically receive the INSCA newsletter and will have the opportunity to contribute editorial text, opinions and industry related ideas.

Annual Year Book

The INSCA Year Book includes advertisements and information about most member companies as well as the association’s year in review. It is a great source of information for those in the natural casing business.

Membership Directory

INSCA publishes an annual Directory of member companies containing complete addresses, phone, fax, and Internet information about each firm. Only members of INSCA have access to this directory.The directory is distributed in PDF format and exists in detail on the website for members-only access.

Legislative Action

In conjunction with its affiliates throughout the world, INSCA monitors legislation of obvious interest to its members, such as trade issues and hygienic standards. INSCA strives to bring such matters to the attention of its membership, and also to act when necessary to protect the best interests of the natural casings industry. The association's offices and legal counsel are Washington, DC-based, which assists in tracking and reacting to government issues.

Marketing Tools

Members of INSCA may use the association's logo and registered "Made in Natural Casings" logo in their advertisements and promotions. Use of these marks by non-members is prohibited. INSCA is dedicated to the promotion of natural casings worldwide by offering other collateral materials for members to use.

Trade / Employment opportunities

Members may use the INSCA website to periodically check job listings for recruitment of expert staff personnel from all over the world as well as the classified section of the site to buy and sell equipment, casings, or other items.

Import/Export Advice

On occasion, a company in the natural casing business will encounter unusual or unexpected trade barriers, often the result of a poor understanding of trade regulations by government representatives within a particular country. In such instances, INSCA is quick to advise the affected parties of the current regulations and to attempt to assist the company in getting its product to its final destination.

Exchange Forum

Members are given the opportunity to use INSCA as an information exchange forum through website chat groups only accessible by members.

Business Opportunities

Members of INSCA enjoy first hand access to un-solicited trade and business opportunities from all over the world where potential clients contact INSCA to buy and sell goods and services. Non-solicited business opportunities and demanded casings received by INSCA are placed on the website forum for members to take advantage of and respond to.

IMS Newsletter

INSCA belongs to the IMS (International Meat Secretariat) which represents the global meat and livestock sector as a vital motor of growth and prosperity to meet the future demands for sustainable, high-quality, nutritious and safe animal protein. INSCA members receive regular IMS newsletters with insights on relevant issues from around the world. INSCA's membership in the IMS has allowed it to send representation to regular OIE meetings such as the World Meat Conference to meet with various country officials and promote the free trade of natural casings.