Guide To Natural Casings


This online manual is intended to serve as a guide for sausage makers, deli managers and students of sausage making.

  1. The various types of Natural Casings are identified
  2. Their range of calibration is classified
  3. Approximate stuffing capacities are given
  4. Ideal uses are recommended

This information is provided in the charts at the beginning of the "Natural Casing Products" section. Using these charts, you can learn which casing to buy for a particular sausage, what the optimum quality should be for the job, and very importantly, how much you should buy.

In "Handling Casings" you'll find information on buying casings and how to make the most of them through proper storage, handling and processing.

The section called "Drying & Moisturizing" is a brief synopsis about the smoking process. This subject is far too technical to be treaded in-depth in the short space provided here, but the overview will at least enable you to recognize some potential concerns and, hopefully, encourage you to further study. Finally, "Making Sausage" provides you with an introductory, step-by-step guide to beginning actual "wurstmaking."

This online manual is designed to serve as a general reference for selecting, buying, handling and understanding Natural Casings. Many good recipes are available from a variety of excellent sources, among whom are sausage makers, trade publications, industry associations, cookbooks, etc. In fact, INSCA provides many excelent recipes within this site. We hope you find this information beneficial.